Soft Skills™

“Soft skills™ can tell a lot about how a professional will interact in the workplace, how might be the reaction under the pressure, or their professional potential.
Many employers prioritize hiring employees with the right soft skills over professional skills! ”

Soft skills, are much more competitive over the professional skills, becouse:
  • Determine social and interpersonal skills, as a consequence, will influence the business reputation.
  • A deeper understanding of cultural nuances, in professional circumstances, cultural etiquette is a highly competitive skill.
  • Facilitate smoother negotiations and collaborations on the world stage through a diplomatic and ethical mindset.

Soft Skills chapters are:

Total arguments: 13, each argument is introduced in 2h at dependence of estabilished goals.
  • Professional and Official dress code™:
Business traditional
Business travel
Business casual
Business best
After 5
After 5 casual
Smart casual
Cocktail attire
Black tie
Creative Black Tie
White Tie18+
International protocol of dress code
Gestures and postures

  • Restaurant Protocol™
Business restaurant manners
Business aperitifs
Buisiness banquets
Culterly ethics
English couvert
French couvert
International food ethics: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, etc.