Any social interaction should be manifested with respect and dignity for others- and not with superiority. True Elegance makes interlocutors feel comfortable in any social status.

Social Ethics™

Social Ethics™ is presented as a code of polite behaviour:
  • Teach to socialize through respect, kindness, and politeness, maintaining a neutral and respectful dialogue.
  • Teach to be constant and persistent- maintaining the personal boundaries of ourselves and others.
  • Teach the base of civility, social interaction in polite society. It is where all the traditions and cultures are born and where respect and hierarchy begin.

Social Ethics chapters are:

Total arguments: 24, each argument is introduced in 2h at the dependence of established goals.
  • Gentle men & woman guide
  • Respect as fundament
  • Social hierarchy
  • Precedence
  • Titles and honours
  • Presentations. Self-presentation
  • Social politeness
  • Family ethics
  • Ethics with persons with disabilities
  • Prejudices. Judgement
  • Mobile protocol
  • Seating arrangements
  • Flowers etiquette
  • Presents etiquette
  • Guests etiquette
Elegant Image™ chapters are:
  • Dress code
  • BQ- kinaesthetic intelligence
  • Gestures and postures
  • Care and discretion
  • Elegance
  • My wardrobe
  • Adequacy
  • Combinations
  • Care and discretion