B2C- Social Protocol™

This knowledge is for:
  • Students and Young Adults:

Learning Ethics is essential for young people as they transition into adulthood and the workforce. It includes personal diplomacy, social ethics, communication skills, image and table manners.

  • Parents and Families:

These skills, first of all, help to become an example parent and guide through your daily being and manifesting ethical virtues.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen:

Ethics is everything about relationships and is helpful for couples navigating the dynamics of partnership, including communication, conflict resolution, and maintaining healthy personal boundaries.

  • Self-made Personalities:

Maintaining your moral beliefs is crucial for building a strong personality, which includes networking, diplomacy, and mentorship.

Formation Description:

Social Protocol™

Refers to moral and ethical virtues that shape an individual’s decisions, behaviors, and interactions with others. These principles are the universal language of politeness in personal and professional contexts.

The main chapters are:

  • Personal Diplomacy: primarily focuses on self-boundaries and ethical virtues.
  • Social Ethics: is about interacting gracefully, enhancing soft skills for navigating situations with dignity, and following customary norms in social, professional, and cultural contexts.
  • Table Manners: during a table union the most important is how we treat the person with whom we share meals, and only after is about table manners.

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