Formal Events Protocol
The purpose of a formal event is to build relations and promote interests abroad.
  • Guest of government visit: diplomatic events, press conferences, bilateral political meetings
  • Official visit: gala dinners, world summits
  • Working visit: international meetings, business conferences, trade and industry, buisness forum, briefings
  • Private visit: visits to social and cultural institutions, signing ceremonies, exhibitions, activities promoting culture, official public ceremonies.

  • Is meant to manifest respect for another culture, traditions and represent the ethical code of your county or company.
  • Is a concrete detailed plan of action to ensure safety with high level of organisation and problem-solving capacity.
  • For these is important to understand the Rang of arrangements and Hyerarchy.

Programm structure plan:
  • Invites and replay
  • Seating arrangements
  • Flags arrangements
  • Protocol of hymn
  • VIP Protocol
  • Menu& Couvert
  • Journalist’s and Translator’s
  • Ethics of Presents, souvenir & flowers
  • Formal Events Dress code