B2B- Professional Protocol™

These knowledges are for:

  • Leaders, government officials and diplomats:

A workshop to enhance Ethical awareness and decision-making on moral choices on Ethical leadership principles and practices, to foster a culture of Ethics, uphold an honest reputation, and minimize risks associated with unethical behavior.

  • Businesses, international organisations, government agencies and associations:

Training programs: advising employers best practices on Ethics, conducting Ethical audits, and helping develop Ethical frameworks to interact effectively and maintain diplomatic relations between clients or partners.

  • Official or formal event planning:

Create and implement Ethical codes of conduct and standards. This is done to evaluate an organization’s compliance with Ethical standards and regulations in a diplomatic event or official ceremony by ensuring it follows the international standards protocol.

Formation Description:

Professional Protocol

Refers to established code of conduct, customs, and guidelines that govern communication and interactions in a professional or formal setting. These protocols are designed to ensure smooth and respectful interactions, uphold standards of professionalism, and create a structured and efficient work environment.

It’s essential to be aware that specific protocols and codes of conduct can vary by industry, organization, and cultural context, so individuals may need to adapt and learn specific protocols in their particular professional roles.

The main chapters are:

  • Corporate Ethics™: internal and external norms, detailed Code of Conduct of any organization that guides superior managers to drive teams through determined goals.

  • Soft Skills™: are a set of non-technical skills and personal attributes that enable individuals to effectively interact gracefully, navigating situations with dignity and following universal norms in social, professional, and cultural contexts.

  • Formal Events Protocol: most restricted area, presented through detailed norms and rules, that serve as a universal language of respect between any hierarchy and culture.

Moral Rights are applied for these program, protecting author rights and work integrity.