Table Manners

Food Ethics
If you want to know a person, invite to share meals together.
And you will know about his past, present and future.

Food Ethics is presented as code of behaviour around a table with other persons.
  • The main reason meeting at one table is built relationships and agreements, the food is a pleasant moment that unites all of us in that moment.
  • Around a table we share our values and real interest for another person, or its absence.
  • Is everything about table manners, ethic of foods and drinks.

The basic fundamentals of food Ethics are:

  • The cult of communions

  • Manners

  • Napkins and Tablecloth

  • Couvert: English& French

  • Drinks.English tea & Coffee

  • Cheese and fruits

  • Meals and vegetables

  • International Menu Ethics

  • Table & Guest Arrangement