Personal Diplomacy

Personal Diplomacy
Who understands others is smart- who understand himself is wisdom.
Who knows how to control others can achieve a lot- who have a self control can achieve everything.

Personal Diplomacy is definy your moral values, and estabilish a Personal Ethics.
These is the fundament of your Identity that gives your Status and Stability. Is choosing yourself first, feeling, emotions – admit you to go deeper into others.
Respecting your moral values, you definite automatically your ethics that instaurate boundaries for others and as well for yourself. Is self-esteem first of all by respecting youre own etics.
Practically personal boundariers are concretized by emotions, communications, manners, diplomacy and style:

  • Etiquette Fundamental Values
It’s important to know that what’s ethical isn’t always what’s moral, and vice versa.
A moral action can also be unethical, an ethical code has nothing to do with cosmic righteousness or a set of beliefs. Politeness' may be defined management of our words and actions, keeping a dignity and maintain he others dignity, understanding of personal boundaries, what are non trattabile values, and in what arguments we can be flessibile.

  • IQ- mental intelligence
Verbal boundaries – is about how, when and what you tell. And vice versa, about how you listen, and interpretate information. Always know clearly what you want and willing to declareyou desires at all times.
Know how to say no and accurately accept "no" from others, is the art of gracious conversation.

  • EQ- emotional intelligence
Psicological-Emotional boundaries- is the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and tactful way.
Feelings and emotional intimacy are about our values, priorities and norms when to show emotion.
We value our opinions, hold values and cherish personal information in moderation.

  • BQ- kinaesthetic intelligence
Gests, microgests and mimics- is understanding them and produce them.
The main reason is not searching the lie where is but is to understand the truth, to understand where people feel less uncomfortable and try another solution for interactions.

  • DQ -diplomatic intelligence
Is about the ability to neutralise any kind of situations when our will is not coherent with others.
Is everything about conflitology and more, the ability to be in a good relation even with whom we don’t agree, is a delicate line of being diplomatic when in the middle are emotions and disagreements.
This capacity is only for a high value personality, about how comfortable we interact with others in different kind of situations.
These struments are used by diplomatics, politics in negotiations, are strong struments that if are not used in a good way could damage nations.

  • Dress code
Beauty is for being liked from others, is an inevitable step to pass on the way we are getting know ourselves and our value, happen when we still don’t release our value and unique significance and try to imitate an image we think it should be or we think others want to see us, we try trends and buy all kind of trends thinking that could help us identify ourselves.
Elegance is knowing yourself and manifest it with respect and dignity.