Social Ethics

Social Ethics
Any kind of social manifestation, tru manners & elegance should be done with love and respect for others and not for making ourselves more superior than others.

Social Ethics is presented as code of behaviour, exprime yurself mantaining as well respect for others.
  • Teach to socialise through openness, kindness and politeness.
  • Indicate a person's respectful behaviours in the presence of different social status: humile persons and great personages (political, military, religious).
  • Etiquette is the notion of civility, social interaction in polite society.

The basic fundamentals of Social Ethics are:
  • Family ethics
Is from where all the tradition and culture are born. Is from here the respect and gherarchy have it begin. Family Traditions, the usance fulfilled with your personal significances is like a glue for all members, because with time may change different facors but the traditional ethics will always unite your family like a trigger to the union.

  • Gentle Men & Woman Guide
Is a divided argoment: for men only, and for women only.
The masculinity and the femininity- there is no more wonderful view on this planet then observing the manifestation of a man in his masculinity and a woman in her feminility… is so affascinated, to see when a person understands its nature and accepted it, enjoy being like these and blossom.

  • Presentations
First impression: is always right, is always based of how a person is introduced, an evident factor for each of us.
These are the moments where I notice almost every time mistake and failures, in social presentation and as well in professional ambience. It was only few times in my life someone presented itself totally correctly, I was soo surprised that I will remember that moments forever. These is what we are going to talk about.

  • Small talk
The ability to maintain a neutral dialogue, generic and respectful in the same moment is an art. Usually the uncomfortable pause is created when they don’t know what should be told, for these moments are small talk discussions, that are used to create bridges even between two absolutely different persons.

  • Netiquette
Online Etiquette- is everything about our online form of image and reputation, mood of phone answering and chatting.
There are as well some general etiquettes of chat in watsapp or other chat platform that each of us can use for socialise. Maintaining an online reputation have similar importance as life one.

  • Presents and flowers
This ability if oftenly non valued and expressed in a wrong way.
With a right selected present, we can manifest sincerely interest and express our best feeling or with a present we can finish end kind of relationship. As well from another part the mood of receiving present have equal importance.

  • Persons with Disability
Each of us know these unkonfortble feeling when we meet a person with disability and we don’t know how to react, and doubts that our manifestation can be understand good.
This research is officially recognised by authorities that have care about parson with disabilities, and as well are questioned from person with disabilities I perssonly know.